With your entry fee, you’ll be treated to the best supported cycling event you’ve ever experienced. Despite Alpine County’s remote location, more than 700 volunteers work hard to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

023Tour of the California Alps – Death Ride® support includes 8 full rest stops, all supplied with a great selection of food and drink, plus 2 additional water stops which are located at the junction of State Route 4/Ebbetts Pass and State Route 89/Monitor Pass and East Monitor. But that’s not all. We also include a lunch during the ride and a super Bike Expo at Turtle Rock Park on Friday and Saturday.

The ride is fully supported and assisted by local and state law enforcement, ambulance services, and many Alpine County non-profit organizations.

Tech support from a variety of local bike shops is available to all riders the afternoon and evening before the ride at Turtle Rock Park. It’s also offered during the ride in many locations.

Please bring extra bike supplies as this is a remote location and parts and supplies for your bike may not be readily available. The Alpine County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol and ambulance services will be on the course at various locations. Radio support is provided throughout the course by the Tahoe Amateur Radio Association. SAG support is provided by Sierra Cyclesmith.

In 2014 the amount of debris left behind by riders was the most ever. Please pack in and pack out. If you change tires or tubes on the side of the road do not leave the trash there. Please deposit it at the nearest rest stop or a dumpster. Leftover garbage will result in increased registration fees and the possibility of the Death Ride losing our permit to conduct this event.

For years, there’s been a trash problem. The refuse of nutrition brands litter trails and roads far too often. And unfortunately, GU is not immune to the issue. While athletes are ultimately responsible for discarding their used wrappers, GU feels they certainly must play their part. Recently, GU partnered with TerraCycle in an effort to repurposes the material into affordable, innovative products. None of this is possible, however, without YOUR help. So, join the Performance Nutrition Brigade, together we can do it. Participating is completely free and very easy. There are no signup or participation fees, and the shipping is covered by our brand partner. Simply visit to find out how.