Conditioning & Prep

Riding 129 miles and climbing 15,000+ feet all in one day is a daunting task! To make this event even more difficult, the course is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains at elevations between 5,500 feet and 8,732 feet.


We urge cyclists to visit Alpine County before the ride to get an idea of what it takes to complete the Tour of the California Alps – Death Ride®. Sign up for the event(s) below to help you train. Ride dates and additional information will be posted as they become available.

Be Prepared For A Long Ride:

• Include lots of climbing in your training
• Spend a minimum of 8 hours on your bike
• Stay hydrated before and during the ride, bring extra water
• Eat regularly before and during the ride, bring extra energy snacks

Bike Gearing for Climbing:

We recommend a 39 on front and a 28 on back, a triple or a compact. Use your brakes sparingly and evenly on descents, rims can heat up from brake pad friction. Watch for overheating brakes.

Tune Up Your Bike:

Be sure you have good brakes and good tires. You must be able to control your bike and your speed on extremely steep downhills and very sharp corners with possible wet and/or rough pavement.

Mendocino Monster Century Bicycle Rides – June 7, 2020

To train properly for the 2020 Tour of the California Alps – Death Ride®, you need to practice your climbing. The Mendocino Monster Century Bicycle Ride, happening on June 7, 2020, will give you some great climbing practice and is a super training ride for the Tour of the California Alps – Death Ride®. There are three rides. The Scary Monster is 97 miles long and includes 10,320 feet of climbing The Hairy Monster is 62 miles (100 kilometers) and includes 8,150 feet of climbing. The Merry Monster is an easier, family-fun ride that’s 40 miles long and includes 834 feet of climbing. All rides start in Ukiah at Mendocino College and the Scary Monster goes all the way to the coast and back. All the rides are very beautiful, and the Scary and Hairy rides are quite challenging. These are really well organized rides with outstanding rest stops, great food, full SAG vehicle support and a great barbecue meal at the end of the ride. If you’re up for the challenge, please sign up. And don’t forget to invite friends, so they can experience some of the pain you are planning. You can discover more about the Mendocino Monster and register online by visiting The Rotary Club of Ukiah puts on this event as a fundraiser to help with the worldwide elimination of Polio and other International and local service projects. This ride DOES NOT gain you entry into the 2020 Tour of the California Alps – Death Ride®.