Our website is very comprehensive so feel free to browse around it, you’ll find the answers to most questions. The 2018 Rider Information (PDF) and the 2018 Registration Tips & Guidelines (PDF) have the most important information so be sure to download and read those. Here are some answers to the most asked questions about the Death Ride® – Tour of the California Alps.


How much is it to register for the 2018 Death Ride®?                                                   

Earlybird pricing (12/04/17 until 01/03/18) – $125 + imATHLETE fee   
Single – $140 + imATHLETE fee of $13.50
Single VIP – $240 + imATHLETE fee of $13.50
Tandem – $270 + imATHLETE fee of $21.23
Tandem VIP – $370 + imATHLETE fee of $21.23
Last Chance (06/28/18) – $155 + imATHLETE fee of $14.81

* $100 of this fee is payable to the Alpine County Chamber of Commerce

Can I register a rider that is not myself?
Yes, you can register additional riders besides yourself. You will need the following information: name, address, birth date, emergency contact name and phone number, email and payment information.

What will I need to register on the day of the event?
You will need your photo ID. You will complete your registration/liability form at check in. We will be verifying your birth date on your photo ID. Please don’t leave home without it this slows down the registration process.

Is there a last chance registration?
We are no longer selling no-show spots on the day before the event. On 06/28/18 at 10:00am PST through imATHLETE, we will be selling a limited number of entries on a first come, first serve basis. Entry fee is $155 plus imATHLETE processing fee. We will not be mailing your registration/liability form. Your bib/bike numbers will be available for pick up at the Death Ride® office trailer located at Turtle Rock Park during the posted registration times. You must have your photo ID to register. You will complete your registration/liability form at check-in.

Can someone else pick up my packet?
No, we will not release rider packets to friends, family, spouses, etc.

Is my entry transferable?
Yes, the 2018 Tour of the California Alps – Death Ride® entry is transferable. Transfer fee is $30.00. Transfers are allowed until Friday, 05/04/18. The new rider will have until Monday, 05/07/18 to complete the process.  Transfers are only allowed within the same registration class.  Event to event transfers are not allowed (i.e. 2018 to 2019).  There will be no exceptions once this date has passed. Registration fees and imATHLETE processing fees are non-refundable.

What is a tandem registration?
Tandem is one bike with two riders. This is not a single or team registration.

Can I buy a No-Show Spot the day of the ride?
We are no longer selling no show spots on the day before the event. The Death Ride® is held in difficult and remote areas. We are now required to distribute rider lists and emergency contact information with our law enforcement officials, medical personnel and our communications support team two week prior to the event.


When is the 2018 Death Ride®?


When is the 2019 Death Ride®?                                                                                                                                                                                 


I have family or friends that want to come and participate?
We welcome spectators or if they want to volunteer have them check out our Jobs & Times page. They can sign up for a volunteer position for event day.

Where/how can I purchase merchandise
On our Online Store, in person at our #3 Webster Street, Markleeville address, by telephone or at the event.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact info@deathride.com or call 530.694.2475.

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