026Course Food:

Bagelfuls, PB &J Uncrustable Sandwiches, Fritos, Graham Snackers, Clif products, GU products, Nature’s Bakery products, Science in Sport, cookies, hard boiled eggs, pickles, potato chips, pretzels, crackers, Gatorade Endurance, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, sandwiches, soup, V8 juice, soda, coffee, hot chocolate and water. Specialty foods are available at some stops (licorice, gummy bears and ice cream). Course food is based on availability and is subject to change without notice. Always carry additional water and energy snacks. Due to our rural location and road closures we are unable to deliver fresh food supplies during the event. We strive to provide the best quality products. If you have special dietary needs you should be prepared to provide your own food, since many rest stops may not have your required foods. We do try and provide some gluten free products.

An Example of the Course Food:

This is a sample of what we offer throughout the course. Food is subject to change and availablity. We try and provide gluten free products when we can.

Monitor: Bagelfuls, Cocoa, Coffee, Cookies, Crackers, Fruit, Gummi Bears

Topaz: Bagelfuls, Cocoa, Coffee, Cookies, Chips, Fruit, Hard Boiled Eggs
Wolf Creek Lunch: Chips, Cookies, Fruit, Sandwiches, Pickle Spears, Soup, Fresh Vegetables, Hard Boiled Eggs, Uncrustables (PB&J)
Ebbetts: Chips, Fruit, Graham Snackers, Soup, Red Licorice
Hermit Valley: Chips, Cookies, Fruit, Uncrustables (PB&J)
Woodfords: Chips, Cookies, Fruit, Graham Snackers, Pretzels, Uncrustables (PB&J)
Picketts: Chips, Cookies, Fruit, Gummi Bears Pickle Spears
Carson: Cookies, Crackers, Fruit, Ice Cream

Turtle Rock Park Dining Events: (subject to change without notice)

Purchasing tickets at the door is CASH ONLY. All menu items subject to change without notice.

Item: Pasta Dinner
Includes: Pasta, sauce with meatballs, salad,
breadstick and soft drink or water
When: Friday, 07/13/18 (4:00pm – 8:00pm)
Price: $15.00 per adult, $8.00 per child under 10
Tickets: Tickets at the event ONLY – CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR
Provided By: Q’s BBQ and Catering (775) 841-7227

baconeggsItem: Breakfast Buffet
Includes: Scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, oatmeal, toast, bagels, yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, juice, milk and coffee
When: Saturday, 07/14/18 (4:00am – 8:00am)
Price: $11.00
Tickets: Tickets at the event ONLY – CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR
Provided By: Q’s BBQ and Catering (775) 841-7227


fajitabarItem: Post Ride Dinner/Rider Dinner
Includes: Chicken fajitas/tacos, pulled pork, rice, beans and traditional sides, Schwan’s ice cream treats and a drink
When: Saturday, 07/14/18 (3:00pm – 8:00pm)
Price: $15.00 per adult, $8.00 per child under 10
Tickets: Rider’s dinner complimentary per event organizers and is NOT refundable – CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR
Provided By: Q’s BBQ and Catering (775) 841-7227


Dining Options In Alpine County:

Visit Alpine County’s website at for business contact information and current hours of operations.

  • Alps Haus Cafe: Markleeville – coffee, breakfast and lunch daily
  • Bear Valley Adventure Company:  Bear Valley – drinks, snacks & ice cream
  • Carson River Resort:  Markleeville – small general store, ice & clothing
  • Kirkwood Inn:  Kirkwood – full service dining
  • Kirkwood General Store & Deli: Kirkwood – small market with deli
  • Lake Alpine Lodge:  Lake Alpine – breakfast, lunch & dinner with full service bar & small market
  • Mad Dog Cafe and Market at Woodfords Station: Woodfords – breakfast, lunch, coffee and small market
  • Malibu Dogs: Markleeville – hot dogs and drinks
  • Sorensen’s & Hope Valley Resorts:  Hope Valley – full service dining
  • Stone Fly: Markleeville – dinner

*Subject to change without notice

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